Live at PAX East 2018

Tuesday February 20, 2018

We will be performing LIVE at PAX East 2018! It's four days this year, so come find us in tabletop freeplay if you miss the panel!

The 40 Tabletop Games you Must Play
Sunday, April 8th
10:30 AM
Arachnid Theatre

These may not be the top 40 board games ever designed, nor is it the top 40 influential or otherwise important games. If you aspire to really understand tabletop, or if you have visions of designing your own games, these are the 40 games that, if you play them, will give you the widest possible perspective on what it means to make a good game (and what "good" even means). Join the GeekNights crew for an exploration of the boundaries of tabletop gaming. There are some gems in there.

Live at PAX Unplugged 2017

Thursday October 12, 2017

We will be live at the inaugural PAX Unplugged 2017! Some of you may be old enough to remember the workshop-style talks we gave at PAXes in the past (Mastering Game Mechanics, Practical Game Theory, and several how-to-play/win events), and this is a return to that format.

Learn and WIN: Carcassonne
Saturday 11/18
Tabletop Tourney

Go deep on the strategy of Carcassonne with a lecture from Rym and Scott, hosts of the GeekNights podcast. Then stick around for a special single-elimination Carcassonne tournament and put those tips to work. Cut-throat competition armed with the most dangerous tools we can provide.

If you want to get a head start, check out our longstanding Play (Dirty) to Win talk from PAX East 2017, or our ancient How to Win at Games talk from PAX East 2011. Rym even did a solo version at PAX Australia 2014!

Live at PAX Prime 2013!

Wednesday August 28, 2013

Fresh from PAX Australia (where we presented Beyond Dungeons & Dragons), join us at PAX Prime 2013, where we will be presenting Bad Games!

Bad Games
Monday @ noon
Wolfman Theatre

Pre-PAX, we would love to see you at the Pre-PAX Sky High Tabletop Play Benefitting Food Lifeline! We'll be there in VIP style running games, teaching games, and maybe even playing games with you lot! The event is almost sold out, so don't delay: it's the only guaranteed-table space to pregame PAX... in style!

Already at PAX? Missing PAX? Tide yourself over with some of our past presentations from previous paxes!

Hopefully we'll see you there (or saw you there, and you're looking at this page thanks to that tiny flyer we handed out)!

GeekNights in Australia - PAX AUS 2013

Monday April 22, 2013

We are happy to announce that we are presenting at PAX Australia this year!

Beyond Dungeons & Dragons
Friday, July 19th
1:00pm - Wombat theatre

This will be our 23rd PAX panel/lecture! While you wait for July, check out some of our previous PAX lectures!

Back from PAX East 2013!

Tuesday March 26, 2013

Thank you all for coming to see us (or at least trying to) at PAX East 2013! Both lectures filled to capacity well in advance, and considering how many of you were turned away, we will try to have video up in the next week or so. The two events were:

Mastering Game Mechanics
Saturday 12:00pm
Tabletop Workshop

Practical Game Theory
Saturday 1:30pm
Tabletop Workshop

In the meantime, check out video of our talks from PAXes of yore (East and Prime) in glorious HD!

From MMORPGs are Anything But to Game Mechanics and Mechanism Design, How to Win at Games, to A Competitive Test of Skill: we've lectured on just about every aspect of gaming at some or other PAX over the years! Stay tuned for video from East 2013!

Last and not least, we took a step up to not only speak, but Enforce at PAX this year. It was an experience to remember, and I want to heartily thank our fellow Enforcers for making it a truly amazing weekend.

GeekNights Lectures at PAX East 2013

Thursday March 7, 2013

We are presenting two brand new lectures at PAX East 2013!

Mastering Game Mechanics
Saturday 12:00pm
Tabletop Workshop

Practical Game Theory
Saturday 1:30pm
Tabletop Workshop

Space will be limited, and we can't guarantee that either one will be videoed, so if you want to see them, line up early. We're not kidding.

GeekNights Live at PAX Prime/Dev 2012!

Wednesday August 8, 2012

We are pleased to announce that we will be speakers at both PAX Prime and PAX Dev 2012. Come see us in Seattle over Labor Day weekend!

Academia vs Reality: Psychology, Game Theory, and Games

Wednesday, August 29th at 2:30pm in Grand II

At PAX Dev, we present a moderated discussion of game design. Everyone knows how games should be made. “Should,” however, can be very far from “are.” Academics assert various design methodologies, game theorists and mathematicians propose quantitative solutions, psychologists talk of “Skinner boxes” and incentivization models, armchair designers rationalize post-hoc “this is how they did it” stories, and actual designers… well, that’s what we’re here to discuss. Join Rym, Scott, Conrad Kreyling, Avery Alix, Luke Crane, and Jared Sorensen.

Short Subjects in Gaming
Friday, August 31st at 3:30pm in our Wolfman theatre

At PAX Prime, we present for your consideration three short subjects: three 20 minute mini-lectures on various topics in gaming. In no particular order: "When the Game Plays the Player," "A Competitive Test of Skill," and "On the Ethics of Mind Control." From rhythm games to CounterStrike, casino gambling to euro-style board games, the relevance of these topics is not to be understated.

GeekNights Boardgame Workshop
Saturday, September 1st at 8:00pm in Room 302

Dive into tabletop gaming! Rym and Scott (GeekNights) are here to teach you to play (and more importantly, to win). Agricola is a super popular resource management game with little wooden animals and surprising strategic depth. Carcassonne is a classic tile-laying area control game that teaches the fundamentals of optimal play and point denial. We're here to teach you both -- first the rules, then the strategy -- in a hands-on workshop with no experience necessary.

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