Back from PAX East 2013!

Tuesday March 26, 2013

Thank you all for coming to see us (or at least trying to) at PAX East 2013! Both lectures filled to capacity well in advance, and considering how many of you were turned away, we will try to have video up in the next week or so. The two events were:

Mastering Game Mechanics
Saturday 12:00pm
Tabletop Workshop

Practical Game Theory
Saturday 1:30pm
Tabletop Workshop

In the meantime, check out video of our talks from PAXes of yore (East and Prime) in glorious HD!

From MMORPGs are Anything But to Game Mechanics and Mechanism Design, How to Win at Games, to A Competitive Test of Skill: we've lectured on just about every aspect of gaming at some or other PAX over the years! Stay tuned for video from East 2013!

Last and not least, we took a step up to not only speak, but Enforce at PAX this year. It was an experience to remember, and I want to heartily thank our fellow Enforcers for making it a truly amazing weekend.

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