Live at MAGFest and PAX South 2018

Wednesday December 20, 2017

We'll be live at two back-to-back conventions in January!

Magfest 2018

We will be live at MAGFest 2018 with five panels! We look forward to seeing you there, and if you miss one of the panels, you can probably find us by the Dig Dug machine.

The Rage of the Quitter
Thursday Jan 4th
8:30 PM
MAGES 2 – Chesapeake 7,8,9

The 40 Tabletop Games you Need to Play
Friday Jan 5th
4:00 PM
Tabletop Discussions - National Harbor 8

Writing Rules for Tabletop Games
Friday Jan 5th
8:30 PM
MAGES 1 – Chesapeake G,H,I

Anime Openers from Around the World
Saturday Jan 6th
8:00 AM
Panels 1 – Cherry Blossom Ballroom

Balance in Game Design
Saturday Jan 6th
11:30 AM
MAGES 2 – Chesapeake 7,8,9

PAX South 2018

Right on the heels of MAGFest, we'll also be returning to PAX South for at least one panel! Some say hi, play a game with us in tabletop, or check out our friends at Windy Games in the expo hall!

Balance in Game Design
Friday Jan 12
Bobcat Theatre

See you there! And possibly in our forum!

GeekNights Live at MAGFest 2017

Friday December 23, 2016

GeekNights is going to be live at MAGFest 2017 with six panels!

Friday (6th)

Anime Openers from Around the World
Panels 4 - Chesapeake D,E,F

1:30 PM
MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 7,8,9

When Does Sisyphus Rage Quit?
4:30 PM
MAGES 1 - Chesapeake G,H,I

The Sounds of Horror in Games and Cinema
6:00 PM
MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 7,8,9

Saturday (7th)

The Grind
10:30 AM
MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 7,8,9

The Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality Panel (AR/VR)
3:00 PM
MAGES 1 - Chesapeake G,H,I

Live at MAGFest 2016

Tuesday February 16, 2016

GeekNights will be live at MAGFest 2016! Rym and/or Scott are on six panels this year! And we'll be spending the rest of our time in tabletop, the arcade (possibly DDR at 4am or so), and playing some Eclipse.


ESports: Do they matter?
MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 789


Designing Game Rules
MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 789

The Far Future of Gaming
MAGES 1 - Chesapeake GHI

Atari Game Design
MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 789


All things CCG, LCG, TCG
Forum - Chesapeake JKL

Overly Complicated Board Games: Phase One: Planning
MAGES 1 - Chesapeake GHI

GeekNights Live at MAGFest 2014

Saturday December 21, 2013

We are happy to announce that we will be performing live at MAGFest 2014 with not one, not two, but four panels. Come say hi!

Games Ten and Thirty Years from Now
Thursday @ 7:00pm

Bad Games
Friday @ 10:00am

Game Controllers
Friday @ 2:30pm

Privacy and Games
Satuday @ 7:00pm

GeekNights Live at MAGFest 11

Wednesday January 2, 2013

Rym and Scott will be appearing at MAGFest 11!

Gaming Intellectuals - Video Game Ethics
Friday - 10:00am
Panel 5

Beyond Candyland
Friday - 11:30am
Panel 4

Gaming Intellectuals - Video Game Genres
Friday - 1:00pm
Panel 5

Outside of these events, we'll be dividing our time equally between tabletop gaming, arcade gaming, PC gaming, console gaming, and other sorts of gaming. Come say hi!

MAGFest Lecture - Beyond D&D

Sunday January 15, 2012

Not only are we back from MAGFest and ready to rock, but we have Beyond Dungeons & Dragons on youtube! The slides are also available. More MAGFest videos to come as quickly as we can put them together!

You can also keep yourself busy with several of our other lectures on games, game design, and game theory!

MAGFest 9 and NerdNYC Recess

Wednesday January 12, 2011

GeekNights will be appearing at MAGFest 9 this weekend (Jan 13 - 16) in Alexandria, VA! As part of the "MAG-9" Gaming Intellectual series of panels, we will sit on Technology and Game Design and Achievements and Meta-Gaming. We will also be performing one of our PAX favorites: Losing Should be Fun.

The MAGFest schedule, which may change, is online, along with descriptions of the panels and events.

Our MAGFest schedule:


Gaming Intellectuals - Achievements and Meta-Gaming noon Panel 2
Gaming Intellectuals - Technology and Game Design - 5:30pm Panel 2

Losing Should be Fun (lecture) - 3:00pm Panel 3

Outside of our panels, you will most likely find us playing board games at all odd hours of the night. We're hard to miss, and we have no responsibilities outside of the live show and panels, so feel free to say hi!


Not going to MAGFest?

If you can't make MAGFest (it's sold out at this point), don't forget the awesome NerdNYC Recess, which is also this weekend at 440 Studios in Manhattan! Luke Crane and Jared Sorensen will be there (and Jared is running Pumpkin Town for all of you Action Castle! fans!

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