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Live at PAX East 2017!

February 3 2017

Hot on the trail of our talk at PAX South (on Grinding), we're on our way to PAX East 2017 to talk about Winning!

Play (Dirty) to Win
Friday 3/10 6:00pm
Bumblebee Theatre

Ostensibly, you play games to win. (Assuming we're talking about competitive games: you're not playing to "win" Dungeons & Dragons... are you?) But are really? Shouldn't you be winning a lot more often? Maybe you should try that cheap strategy you've heard about. Punch below the belt. Memorize the deck. Read the FAQ. What's the line between playing to win and cheating? Is "playing dirty" even really a thing? Come for the degenerate strategies, stay for the soul-crushing revelations on winning.

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