Live at PAX East 2014!

Thursday April 3, 2014

GeekNights will be presenting their 25th PAX lecture at PAX East 2014!

Why No One Will Game with You
Friday 1:00pm
Badger Theatre

In gaming forums around the world, variations of the same thread forever grace the front page: “Looking for a Gaming Group.” Games are ubiquitous, barriers to entry are ever-lower, and the Internet (never mind conventions like PAX) provide what should be a sea of gamers ready and willing to play games with us. So why all the trouble? Why, in 2013, is it still so hard to form a gaming group? Why won’t anyone play Air Hockey with me?

In exploring the “LFG” space, there are a myriad of issues which come to light. Skill gaps leave players stranded. Matchmaking systems hurt as much as they help. The longer tail of games available spreads niche audiences further into increasingly specific sub-sub-sub-genres. Play styles differ. (Indeed, in some groups it is impolite to spend more than ten seconds on one’s turn, while in others spending less than ten MINUTES is the height of rudeness)!

Let’s explore why it’s so hard (or why it SEEMS to hard) to find people to play games!

Anime Boston 2013

Sunday May 19, 2013

We are performing FIVE shows at Anime Boston 2013!

How to Recommend Anime
Friday 1:15pm
Panel 208

How to Run an Anime Club
Friday 2:15pm
Panel 208

All Anime are the Same Show
Friday 5:15pm
Panel 309

Anime Openers from Around the World
Friday 8:30pm
Panel 306

Judge an Anime by its Cover
Saturday 4:15pm
Panel 208

See the full schedule! Also download the Guidebook version, add our panels to your personal schedule, and rate them. Doing that actually helps us book bigger rooms and more conventions in the future!

Zenkaikon Followup

Monday March 21, 2011

With both PAX and Zenkaikon 2011 behind us, here are the promised slides from the latter! If you're looking for PAX-related links, check the news archive.

Next stops for us this convention season are the MoCCA Festival and Anime Boston! We're just press at the former, but will be running several lectures and panels at the latter as always!

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