Cheers from PAX Unplugged 2022!

Monday December 5, 2022

If you saw us for Why is this game taking four hours to play?! at PAX Unplugged, we have some resources for you!

We gave a similar talk at PAX Unplugged 2019 that is on youtube in full. The slides are also available and you are welcome to reference them. PAX has asked for direct feedback on panels, so if you were there please be sure to fill out the PAX Unplugged Panel Feedback Survey! (This is the same as the QR code in the slides).

We had a great time at Unplugged, and we hope you did too! See you at East ;)

Live at PAX Unplugged 2022

Thursday November 17, 2022

GeekNights will be live at PAX Unplugged 2022!

Why is this game taking four hours to play?!
Sunday, Dec 4th
11:30am ET
Crab God Theatre (Room 113B)

We’ve all played the '30-60 minute' board game that seems to always take exactly four hours. Your definition of 'a quick game' always seems to be far from what your friends think. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Join us for a lively discussion of what factors, from game design decisions to players’ interactions, cause games to take too long. We’ll then teach you, in detail, how to take your #@*$ turn!

Live at PAX East 2018

Tuesday February 20, 2018

We will be performing LIVE at PAX East 2018! It's four days this year, so come find us in tabletop freeplay if you miss the panel!

The 40 Tabletop Games you Must Play
Sunday, April 8th
10:30 AM
Arachnid Theatre

These may not be the top 40 board games ever designed, nor is it the top 40 influential or otherwise important games. If you aspire to really understand tabletop, or if you have visions of designing your own games, these are the 40 games that, if you play them, will give you the widest possible perspective on what it means to make a good game (and what "good" even means). Join the GeekNights crew for an exploration of the boundaries of tabletop gaming. There are some gems in there.

Thank you ConnectiCon 2017!

Monday July 10, 2017

Thank you ConnectiCon 2017 for one hell of a convention! We had great crowds for all of our talks/shows! Even better, if you want more or missed a talk you really wanted to see, check out the video links below for other versions we've done at other cons!

Why Five Nights at Freddy's is Scary
Friday 7:45pm
Dragon Theater

Play (Dirty) to Win
Saturday 1:30pm
Kraken Theater

Flip the Table: Ragequitting Games
Saturday 2:45pm
Goliath Theater

Running Professional Panels
Saturday 6:30pm
Salamander Theater

COSplay Match Game
Sunday 11:30am
Main Events

Foreign Anime Openers
Sunday 1:30pm
Dragon Theater

We can't get Foreign Anime Openers up for copyright reasons, but you may be able to see that at another con in the future, so stay tuned! There might be video of the match game up later, so check back right here.

GeekNights Live at Zenkaikon 2017

Monday April 10, 2017

GeekNights is going to be live at Zenkaikon 2017!

Saturday (29th)

Grinding Mechanics in Game Design
Live 1 (Floor 2, Commonwealth 3)

Foreign Anime Openers
Live 2 (Floor 2, Commonwealth 4)

Sunday (30th)

Flip the Table: Rage Quitting in Games
Live 1 (Floor 2, Commonwealth 3)

Thank you Anime Boston 2016!

Monday March 28, 2016

Thank you Anime Boston!

We did five live shows at Anime Boston 2016! We don't have video of the new panels up yet, but see below for some slides and related videos in the meantime.

Role Playing Anime
Slides from the panel
Lecture from PAX Australia

Judge Anime By Its Cover
Video from 2013

Motivational Anime
Slides from the panel


Live at Zenkaikon

We will also be performing live at Zenkaikon 2016 this coming weekend!


How to Run an Anime Club
11:45am - Live 5

Analyzing Anime: Utena
3:45pm - Live 1

Practical Game Theory
4:45pm - Live 1

Thanks Anime Boston 2015!

Sunday April 5, 2015

Thanks for coming to see us live at Anime Boston 2015! You guys filled rooms at times that I never thought we could possibly fill. Our schedule this year was:


Judge Anime by its Cover
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Hynes Panel 206

Short Form Anime
11:00pm - midnight
room 107

The anime we discussed/showed were:


Analyzing Anime: Utena
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Hynes Panel A

You can see our full analysis of Utena on GeekNights Presents: Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Foreign Anime Openers
12:30am - 2:00am
Hynes Panel 202

Sadly, due to the bag checks and security line problems in Boston (beyond Anime Boston's control), we no longer video our lectures and panels at Anime Boston. Thus, if you weren't able to get into one of them, try to catch it at another con in the future (or line up earlier at Anime Boston 2016!

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