GeekNights Live at MAGFest 2017

Friday December 23, 2016

GeekNights is going to be live at MAGFest 2017 with six panels!

Friday (6th)

Anime Openers from Around the World
Panels 4 - Chesapeake D,E,F

1:30 PM
MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 7,8,9

When Does Sisyphus Rage Quit?
4:30 PM
MAGES 1 - Chesapeake G,H,I

The Sounds of Horror in Games and Cinema
6:00 PM
MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 7,8,9

Saturday (7th)

The Grind
10:30 AM
MAGES 2 - Chesapeake 7,8,9

The Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality Panel (AR/VR)
3:00 PM
MAGES 1 - Chesapeake G,H,I

Thank you GaymerX East!

Tuesday November 15, 2016

Thank you to everyone who came to GaymerX East 2016, whether you saw our panel or not! We presented "Writing Game Rules" on Sunday. If you missed, it, you're in luck, because video of essentially the same talk from PAX is on youtube!

Designing Game Rules

GeekNights Live at PAX West 2016

Saturday July 9, 2016

GeekNights will be performing live at PAX West 2016!

The Grind
Saturday, Sept 3rd
Chicken Theatre

The Grind. We've all experienced it. We've all complained about it. Some of us secretly love it. But ask 100 people what it actually IS, and you'll get 40 different answers. Join us for a mechanical discussion of what "grinding" really means in games. Is it necessary for a "classic MMO?" Is it part of the genre of a "JRPG?" Does it exist in board games? Is it bad? Is it good? Is it necessary? Part storytelling, part game design, part game theory: let's explore the grind from all angles.

GeekNights Live at ConnectiCon 2016!

Thursday July 7, 2016

GeekNights is performing live at ConnectiCon 2016! Five shows!

Foreign Anime Openers
2:45pm - Phoenix

Atari Game Design
10:00am - Dragon

More Foreign Anime Openers
7:00pm - Phoenix

Professional Podcasting and Livestreaming
noon - Dragon

Writing Game Rules
1:15pm - Kraken

Live at PAX East 2016

Monday April 11, 2016

We are presenting at PAX East 2016! This will be our 38th lecture or panel at a PAX since 2008, and it's a good one!

Atari Game Design
Sunday, April 24 at 3:30pm
Arachnid Theatre

Game design is a wide subject. The best approach to mastering it is to focus on the fundamentals, and what better place to do that than with Atari 2600 games? Join us for a deep game design analysis of classic competitive Atari games like Outlaw, and how their core concepts extend to modern games. When you can literally count the pixels with your eyes, and the code will fit in your calculator, the core principles of good (and bad) design become starkly apparent.

Thank you Zenkaikon 2016!

Monday April 4, 2016

Live at Zenkaikon

We did three panels/lectures at Zenkaikon 2016 this past weekend! Here are some notes/links that may be relevant!

Analyzing Anime: Utena
Our youtube show: GeekNights Presents: Utena

Practical Game Theory
Two paired lectures on the topic we did at the Penny Arcade Expo:

Also cheers from Anime Boston!

We did five live shows at Anime Boston 2016! We don't have video of the new panels up yet, but see below for some slides and related videos in the meantime.

Role Playing Anime
Slides from the panel
Lecture from PAX Australia

Judge Anime By Its Cover
Video from 2013

Motivational Anime
Slides from the panel

Live at Anime Boston and Zenkaikon

Tuesday March 22, 2016

Anime Boston

We will be performing live at Anime Boston 2016! Come say hi!


Role Playing Anime
3:00pm - Hynes Panel 206

Judge Anime By Its Cover
7:00pm - Sheraton Panel Constitution 1


How to run an Anime Club
1:30pm - Hynes Panel 208

More Foreign Anime Openers
7:30pm - Sheraton Panel Constitution 1

Motivational Anime
9:00pm - Hynes Panel 208



We will also be performing live at Zenkaikon 2016 the following weekend!


How to Run an Anime Club
11:45am - Live 5

Analyzing Anime: Utena
3:45pm - Live 1

Practical Game Theory
4:45pm - Live 1

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