Back from PAX Prime 2011!

Wednesday August 31, 2011

Welcome to GeekNights! We're are back from PAX, but we probably told you to come to our site for one reason or another. New episodes are twice a week (barring this most recent Tuesday, where Rym magically lost it).

If you want to see our lectures from PAX East 2011, two of them are in our Youtube channel. The third will be up soon, along with our PAX Prime 2011 shows!

If you're looking for Radio Free Equestria, look no further. But, it's just a pilot: the real show is in production (so hold your horses).

We did two events at PAX Prime 2011! We will try to get some video up as we can!

Discover the Forgotten Masters
Saturday @ noon: Serpent Theatre

Learn to Play: Boardgames
Saturday 6pm-8pm: Tabletop Workshops - Room 302

If you attended the workshop (or want us to run more tabletop workshops at future PAXes), fill out this survey!

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