Vote for Joe Biden

Tuesday October 27, 2020

We are in the final days of the American presidential election. It is absolutely crucial that you not only vote, but specifically vote for Joe Biden and every single Democrat on your ballot.

Voting is not a protest. It is not an expression of perfection. Voting in America is the choice to support one of two power-seeking coalitions. One of these coalitions - the Democratic Party - seeks to govern. The other - the Republican party - seeks a literal minoritarian fascist rule. This is not hyperbole.

People's live are at stake in this election. Access to health care, amidst a deadly global pandemic, is on the ballot. LGBT+ rights are on the ballot. People will die if the Republicans win this election. If you think that's hyperbolic, you are approaching this from a position of extreme privilege. There is no such thing as a "protest vote." To abstain is to support the status quo.

Make a plan to vote. Execute that plan. If you can vote early, do it. If you can vote in-person, do it. If you have to wait 10 hours in a miserable line in the rain, do it. Once you've voted, tell the world. Help someone you know execute their plan and vote.


GeekNights Returning Next Week

Saturday February 7, 2015

Due to multiple extenuating circumstances, we've been on hiatus since PAX South. Fear not, GeekNights will return in another week. For now, just sit tight, and we'll see you again soon.

We are also returning for PAX East 2015, where we will be presenting a lecture titled "What is Losing?"

What is Losing?
Friday, March 6th
Bumblebee Theatre

The point of a game is to win. Or is it? Can you "win" Gone Home or The Stanley Parable? Is losing a game of Dwarf Fortress the same as losing a game of chess? Why is Super Meat Boy's difficulty exciting, while Silver Surfer's is painful? Does one lose Monopoly due to player skill, or because you flipped the table? What if we played games that focused not on the "narrative of victory," but instead on the "narrative of failure?" Do games need to have a way to "lose" in the first place?

Official GeekNights CounterStrike: GO Server

Monday November 12, 2012

As of a few hours ago, GeekNights has an official CounterStrike: Global Offensive server!

GeekNights Official

There's no password yet, but there probably will be soon once we have critical mass. Email us or post in the thread if you find the server full. Also post in the thread if you have a particular map you want us to run in the rotation. Unless anyone objects, we'll have alltalk on most of the time, but we'll turn that off whenever we play for serious.

PAX Boston 2011

Tuesday March 8, 2011

This weekend, March 11-13, we will be appearing at the Penny Arcade Expo: Boston! We have not one, not two, but five panels (in three panel rooms) this time around: one favorite from PAX Prime 2010, and two brand new ones! Follow us on Twitter at the con (@geeknights), and feel free to catch us for a game on Saturday: we'll likely be in tabletop.


The Triple Threat: Short Subjects in Gaming
Naga Theater
7:30pm - 8:30pm


Game Mechanics & Mechanism Design
Wyvern Theater
10:30am - 11:30am

How to Win at Games
Naga Theater
12:30pm - 1:30pm

Don't forget that we are ALSO appearing at Zenkaikon in King of Prussia the following weekend, March 18-21! Anime Boston is just around the corner in April, and we'll be there too!

MAGFest 9 and NerdNYC Recess

Wednesday January 12, 2011

GeekNights will be appearing at MAGFest 9 this weekend (Jan 13 - 16) in Alexandria, VA! As part of the "MAG-9" Gaming Intellectual series of panels, we will sit on Technology and Game Design and Achievements and Meta-Gaming. We will also be performing one of our PAX favorites: Losing Should be Fun.

The MAGFest schedule, which may change, is online, along with descriptions of the panels and events.

Our MAGFest schedule:


Gaming Intellectuals - Achievements and Meta-Gaming noon Panel 2
Gaming Intellectuals - Technology and Game Design - 5:30pm Panel 2

Losing Should be Fun (lecture) - 3:00pm Panel 3

Outside of our panels, you will most likely find us playing board games at all odd hours of the night. We're hard to miss, and we have no responsibilities outside of the live show and panels, so feel free to say hi!


Not going to MAGFest?

If you can't make MAGFest (it's sold out at this point), don't forget the awesome NerdNYC Recess, which is also this weekend at 440 Studios in Manhattan! Luke Crane and Jared Sorensen will be there (and Jared is running Pumpkin Town for all of you Action Castle! fans!

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