New Theme and Logo Contest

Thursday April 6, 2006

In case you haven't noticed, has a new theme! I hope you like it. I tried to match the basic look of the forum while maximizing usability as a podcast blog. If you find any problems, or have any suggestions, please post in the forums or send us an e-mail.

You might notice that the top of this page is a little bit bland. That is because GeekNights and the Front Row Crew are still without official logos. We could easily go out and pay a professional to create some, but it would be so much better to use ones created by friends or fans. So, we are having a contest to see who can create the best logos for us.

Make rough sketches of your designs and either e-mail them to or post them in our forums. If we decide to use your submission we will pay you $50 in exchange for a fully photoshopped and perfected version. Keep in mind that your designs should fit nicely at the top of this page, in iTunes and on iPods. That means it should look good as a 300x300 jpeg on a dark blue background. Any winners will be eternally honored for their good deed. That means you will receive credit on this site and in every episode of GeekNights. The winners will sadly have to give us legal ownership of any logos so that we may use them in any way we wish.

Have fun! We look forward to your entries.

Separate Feeds For You

Monday March 20, 2006

I have received multiple requests in the past week asking the same question. "How can I subscribe to just one day of GeekNights?" The answer is quite simple, you just use one of our handy dandy one-day feeds! Where are these feeds you ask? The truth is I am lazy, and I did not want to add them to the website until the new theme became ready. Due to popular demand my hand has been forced, and you can now see the new feed links on the right side of this web site. The feeds can also be found in the iTunes and Yahoo! podcast directories. For your convenience they are also handily located near the end of this post.

For those of you who might be newer to our podcast, or podcasting in general, allow me to explain this in greater detail. GeekNights is a radio show that airs four nights every week. It is distributed not by radio waves, but by mp3 files over the Internet. Anyone who has the ability to listen to mp3s can listen to GeekNights. You do not need an iPod.

The most basic way to get GeekNights is to visit this site with your browser and download episodes manually. However, most people use special podcatching software. Podcatching software is used to automatically download new podcast episodes as they become available. iTunes and Juice Receiver are both popular podcatchers. Podcatching software works by subscribing to feeds. A feed is basically a list of episodes that a podcatcher knows how to read. Because GeekNights airs four nights a week, with different topics each night, we have created a total of five feeds to which you can subscribe. The feeds are as follows:

We hope you enjoy listening to GeekNights, no matter which feeds you subscribe to. If there is anything else we can do to make your listening experience more pleasant don't hesitate to e-mail us at


GeekNights is upgrading

Tuesday March 14, 2006

As you wonderful people are slowly sapping away what little bandwidth we pay for, we're offloading the hosting of the mp3s themselves to libsyn. Our preliminary testing is complete, but please be sure to let us know if you ever have a problem getting to the show.

Podcast Reviewer Reviews GeekNights

Thursday February 9, 2006

The podcast reviewer podcast has reviewed GeekNights. He didn't say that much about us, but it was cool anyway. I take his quote about us being able to "hold our own in any conversation" as a pretty good complement. He did point out that a friend listening with him couldn't really handle our banter back and forth. I'm beginning to think that non-geeks can't stomach GeekNights, which tells me we're doing a good job.

Another thing he asked for was separate feeds for separate days. That way people who only cared about anime could subscribe to the Wednesday podcast, gamers could subscribe to the Tuesday podcast, etc. Due to the magic of WordPress this is already done. It's just not obvious to the vast majority of people. After I rework the theme of this site I'll be sure to make this easier for all of you out there. But for now, here are the separate feeds.

Keep in mind that all these feeds are raw straight from WordPress. They aren't cleaned up by FeedBurner or anything. This is something we will fix in the future. Subscribing to them now is still perfectly safe, and it will always work just fine. Just do not expect the correct metadata or images to appear in iTunes or other programs.

If you know any other places that review podcasts try to get them to review GeekNights. And if you yourself review us in any way be sure to let us know. We're always looking for feedback on ways to make our show better. Getting people to review us takes care of that and does a little promotion at the same time. We got it down when it comes to killing many birds with few stones.

Downtime Apology

Friday February 3, 2006

Sorry if you were disturbed by the unexpected downtime. The server ran out of RAM and decided to stop the database server to free some up. I am currently working to make sure this does not happen in the future.

Forum Upgrade

Monday January 2, 2006

If you aren't already a member of the forums you need to join right away. I firmly beleive the only way to get the full experience of GeekNights is not just to listen, but also participate in the lively discussions in the forum.

Whether you are a member or not I would very much like to inform you that the forum has been upgraded! There are new themes, a new default theme and new features like private messaging for you to enjoy.

Speaking of upgrades, I'm going to be making a few changes to the actual site itself in the near future. We already upgraded to WordPress 2.0, but there is more to come. Expect the look of the site to change in small but significant ways. If a few things on the page stop working it means you're looking at it while I'm working on it.

Expect me to talk about this more in tonight's episode.


No show tonight

Friday December 23, 2005

Being the holiday weekend and all, there's no show tonight. Stay tuned, however! To make up for it, we're doing an extra show next week that we think you'll all enjoy.

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