GeekNights will be live at PAX West 2023 with an all new talk!

Games You Can't Play
Sunday 3:30pm PT
Blue Morpho Theatre

Games disappear. Some forever. There are a lot of reasons for this across PC games tabletop even sports. Some can be saved but many simply can't. There are games that are just "gone." Even with all the efforts to preserve and remember games the void can still claim them. Join the GeekNights crew as we explore the how and why of games disappearing from this Earth. Along the way we'll dive into several fascinating examples of games you should play but you can't.

If you're coming here after the talk or scanned the QR code, check back soon for a copy of the slides! And let us know about the game you want to keep (or are keeping) alive! And be sure to check out some of our other game design talks like The 41 Tabletop Games You Must Play, Atari Game Design, Nostalgia vs Game Design, or The Ballad of Dudebro aka How to Win at the Internet!