Losing at PAX West 2022

Sunday September 4, 2022

GeekNights is live at PAX West 2022! If you're looking for the promised slides from the panel, today is your lucky day. As promised, these have links to the other talks we referenced!

Sunday, Sept 4th
12:30pm PT
Sasquatch Theatre (Sheraton, Level 2)

Winning is good, and losing is bad. We strive to win, and this is the basis for most of the games we play. Challenges are binary: we either overcome them, advancing the story, or fail, and must try again. But, what if we were to toss this conventional wisdom aside? Do we really only have fun when we win? Have you ever had that moment in a game where epic and total failure was the most memorable part? What kinds of games would arise if we strove to make losing, instead of winning, the point?

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