Play (Dirty) to Win - PAX East 2017

Play (Dirty) to Win: PAX East 2017

Ostensibly, you play games to win. (Assuming we're talking about competitive games: you're not playing to "win" Dungeons & Dragons… are you?) But are really? Shouldn't you be winning a lot more often? Maybe you should try that cheap strategy you've heard about. Punch below the belt. Memorize the deck. Read the FAQ. What's the line between playing to win and cheating? Is "playing dirty" even really a thing? Come for the degenerate strategies, stay for the soul-crushing revelations on winning.

Presented by GeekNights at PAX East 2017.

Threats in Games

Threats in Games

What is a threat in the context of a game? Can they affect the outcome? A snippet from our larger Practical Game Theory at PAX East 2013, we briefly explore some aspects of threatmaking in games, and what it truly means to make a "credible" threat.

Practical Game Theory

Practical Game Theory
PAX East 2013

Presented on Saturday on the Tabletop Theatre, our 22nd PAX panel/lecture, we discuss a variety of game theory concepts and terms from the perspective of practical use as players of games. Being familiar with basic concepts like "cooperation" or "utility," coupled with an extended study of the "toy" games that actually exist as subgames within your games, you will be able to form more powerful heuristics for making good decisions.

We touch ever-so-briefly (and with a degree of oversimplification) on Combinatorial Game Theory, but ask the audience to attempt a sort of "deconstruction" of the class game Nim in order to arrive at some of the same basic principles.

PAX Prime 2012 - On the Ethics of Mind Control

PAX Prime 2012: On the Ethics of Mind Control

At PAX Prime 2012, we presented three mini lectures as part of Short Subjects in Gaming on Friday in the Wolfman Theater.

"On the Ethics of Mind Control," the third and final of these, and discusses the possibly uncomfortable questions surrounding the ethical considerations of game design. Is it truly ethical to design a game to be addictive, or is "addictiveness" simply a sign of good design? Do games change us in more ways than we might realize? Is regulation on the horizon, a good idea, or even possible? How are games different from other media (or are they different at all)?

PAX East 2012 Highlights

PAX East 2012 was the third PAX East in history. We were there lecturing, hanging out, and most importantly: gaming! PAX East (and PAX Prime) are the highlights of our year every year. They're like no other cons! Be sure to check out the PAX East 2011 highlights too!

The song is a Chuck Dodgers OverClocked Remix ( LaserDance (

Let's Play Money Making Game: PAX East 2012

Games can make their money many ways, but how do these models affect, intentionally or not, the design choices of the game makers themselves? What about the players? Do you play a game differently depending on how you paid for it? Free to play, pay once, subscription, or silly hats, what do these different models mean to games at their core? Only ten rupees; hopefully you won't have to pay the door repair charge.

We presented this first at PAX East 2012.

Canadian National Anthem: PAX East 2012

In the reveal of the PAX East 2012 Omegathon finale - Crokinole - the Canadian National Anthem was performed by Paul, Storm, and Joco.

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