GeekNights Live at ConnectiCon 2014!

Friday July 4, 2014

It's time for ConnectiCon 2014! July 10th-13th in Hartford CT! We will be there performing two live shows, in additional to generally walking around ensuring that all the panels run smoothly. If you want to say hi, stop by Panel Ops any time!

Bad Games
Saturday 2:00pm Panel 2

Why No One Will Game with You
Sunday 8:30am Panel 6

You can also see Rym as part of Date Nighto's panel:

Developing Visual Novels
Saturday 3:30pm Panel 2

Emily will be presenting, both on her own and with Sparkler, three shows as well!

Let's Animate
Friday 12:30pm Workshop 1

Writing Fiction through the Female Gaze
Friday 5:00pm Panel 5

Creating Art for Video Games
Saturday 5:00pm Panel 2

If you've found us from ConnectiCon after the fact (or can't attend) , don't forget to check out our other show: GeekNights Presents Utena!

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