Grand Prix Round 1 - CANABALT

Thursday February 28, 2013

The moment you have all been waiting for.


Starting really simple with this one guys. Longest run this week wins. If there is somehow a tie between two or more players, the tie breaker will go to whoever submitted their score earliest.

You can play any version of the game you like whether it is the free web Flash version, iOS, or Android. Yes, there are slight differences, but they are slight enough to not matter. The skill being tested here is not just reflexes, but determination. Anyone who plays it enough will get a high score eventually. How determined are you to win this grand prix? How many times will you play this game this week in order to get the highest score possible? We're about to find out.

Here are the specific instructions you must read and obey exactly. Failure to obey them exactly will almost certainly result in you getting a score of zero for this round, or worse.

Every player must submit their score along with some evidence that it is legit. There are many ways of doing this. The easiest is a simple screenshot of your score. The fanciest would be to upload a video of yourself playing the game with your forum name on a piece of paper in the shot, and to load up in your browser in the video to prove the time and date. One really good way to prove your score is to play the iOS version (again, not required) and to friend me on Game Center. Then I will be able to see your verified high score. Another decent option is to play on Kongregate and record your high score on their charts under your forum name. Provide the best evidence you can. More is always better. I don't think anyone will cheat, there would be no honor in that.

Submit your evidence via e-mail to on or before March 8th New York time. Once it becomes March 9th, any further submissions for round 1 will be deleted. You may submit multiple times. Only your final submission will be considered. All others will be deleted.

There will be a process for dealing with suspect evidence, but I hope we do not have to use it. It will involve me being the sole arbiter and perhaps also the judgement of the community. Just don't cheat, it will be easier that way.

Protip - try not to let other people know what your score is. If they are way ahead of everyone else, they may stop trying to improve their score. If they are below, they now have a target to aim for. If everyone remains in the dark as to everyone else's scores, they will have to spend the entire week aiming for infinity.

That being said, I've been playing for a few days in preparation. My current high score is 6652 meters.

It's also not too late to sign up for the grand prix. If you want to participate, just make sure you register in the official thread before you submit your score. Any submissions for unregistered players will be deleted.

Good luck.

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