The Website is Upgraded!

Monday May 28, 2012

We all know that nobody really visited our website at, so we let it languish. Well, the chicken and egg problem is over! The site has been majorly upgraded. It has the same visual style, but a new layout. Whether that layout is actually an improvement remains to be seen.

The parts that most people will care about are the fact that you can actually now get to the book club section. Also, the video section will appear once we start entering data. Another thing our forumites will care about is that forum threads for episodes and such are once again created automatically, just like the olden days.

Most of the changes are behind the scenes. New content will be automatically broadcast on Twitter as usual, but the tweets for old things of the day and episodes are no more. Most of the things of the day were 404, and we were starting to run low. Also, now everything that is tweeted will also be automatically posted to our Facebook page. We would post to our G+ page automatically as well, but they don't have a API. We will have to keep posting things there by hand. No matter what social network you like, we are on there.

One really interesting thing for our ultra hardcore fans is the addition of our crowd-sourced Git-powered shownotes. If you would like to write some show notes for an episode of GeekNights, just send me a pull request. When the pull request is merged the notes will appear on the site immediately as they are directly pulled from GitHub!

Lastly, because the site has been upgraded, it is now much much easier to make changes to it. Expect new things to come soon and relatively rapidly. Some things that are possibly coming down the pipeline are a fanart section, improved FAQ and about pages, special convention section, email newsletter, tighter YouTube integration, mobile site, and more.

GeekNights has been here since 2005, and it's not going away any time soon. Let's see what other non-shit-talk awaits in 2012.

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