Why Nobody can Find a Gaming Group

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider why the question of "how to find a gaming group" is so ubiquitous in every corner of the Internet. While it might seem cruel, and perhaps even mean, we posit that perhaps the majority of those actively seeking are some combination of:

  1. Not in a city
  2. Unable to find off-the-RADAR gamers
  3. Are "that guy"
Before this, we don't talk about the PS4, but then do discuss the Natural Selection 2 Gorgeous Update (babblers!) and the Kobolds Ate My Baby Kickstarter.

We're presenting Practical Game Theory and Mastering Game Mechanics at PAX East 2013! ConnectiCon is still accepting panel submissions! The GeekNights Gaming Grande Prix is underway!

PAX East 2012 and Angry Birds Space

Tonight on GeekNights, we present our succinct review of Angry Birds Space, but not before outlining everything we've got lined up for PAX East 2012! In the news, Scott GeekBites Tabletop and the King's Gambit may finally be (mostly) solved.

100 Percent in Games

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider what drives us and others to truly "100%" a game. On the way, we discuss humble bundles and how working at Zynga may not be the most fun job one could have.

Jared Sorensen

Tonight on GeekNights, straight out of Burning Apocalypse Con, we have Jared Sorensen in the studio to talk about, among other things, Z-Ward, Danish roleplaying, Lacuna 2, conventions, Action Castle, and movies.

Burning Apocalypse Con with Luke Crane

Tonight on GeekNights, in preparation for the upcoming Burning Apocalypse Con, we bring the right honorable Luke Crane on the show to talk about, in case you couldn't guess, Burning Apocalypse Con. We also chat about Greg Stafford's Pendragon, RISK Legacy, and Burning Wheel Gold.

Luke Crane also has a special announcement. In benefit to the medical bills of an important member of the Burning Wheel crew hospitalized with stroke, Luke will be creating a custom Mouse Guard hack, the details of which will be forthcoming.

Hardcored into a Corner

Tonight on GeekNights, we mostly complain about our troubles finding similarly invested board-gaming nerds. We also consider the upcoming Burning Wheel Gold and the Wii-U. We have Things of the Day, but due to Audition being an awesome and well-written program, the audio for that portion of the show is forever lost to time and space. Enjoy them below despite the lack of commentary. Also, Magical Drop V is coming.

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