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The Night is Short, Walk on Girl

December 20 2023

In 2017 Masaaki Yuasa and Science Saru released Night is Short, Walk on Girl. A full length animated feature film, which we reviewed in 2018 after it made its way to the US. It was an adaptation of a novel with the same name by Tomihiko Morimi.

Morimi is an author who seems to be beloved by the anime industry. Tatami Galaxy and Tatami Time Machine Blues also received adaptations by Science Saru. Eccentric Family, Eccentric Family 2, and Penguin Highway have been adapted by other anime studios. I've seen all of these anime, except Penguin Highway, and have enjoyed them all thoroughly.

Despite enjoying all those anime, never once have we actually bothered to read any of the novels upon which they are based. That is something we will rectify with this book club selection. Join us as we read the English translation of *The Night is Short, Walk on Girl" published by Yen On.

As for the story, it's sort of a surreal and mystical romantic comedy. A college student heads out into the night and encounters various people and wild surreal happenings. Another student who has a crush on her has decided to confess that night, and ends up along for a wild ride.

If we enjoy reading this, you can be sure that Rym will go and read all the other Morimi novels that have been translated, of which there are several.

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