We Survived Katsucon 14!

Monday February 18, 2008


The con was an absolute blast, but we're going to go on a short hiatus in order to recover. Rest assured, you can expect normal operations to resume Monday, with our coverage of Katsucon 14 coming Wednesday!

I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of people (we just got in from the road), but special thanks/shoutouts to Ananth from Applegeeks for being awesome, Stevey B for having some epic stories to tell during the late show, Greg Ayers for putting off "more important things" to be on the show, Emily, Kate, Katsu, and Pete for being most excellent GeekNights/Katsucon staff, Videotopia for making the gaming room amazing, and of course, GameKatsu for being the best damn con gaming staff on the East Coast.

Also, huge shoutouts to all of the listeners we met! I remember Viga and Crueldragon off the top of my head, but we'll have more to say in our con coverage this Wednesday!

GeekNights Supplemental Launches

Saturday January 19, 2008

We have added a new feed to the many options you have for listening to GeekNights. Now, with GeekNights Supplemental, you can easily find any and all of the many myriad appearances Rym and Scott make in venues other that GeekNights.

Backdated items from before this feed existed will slowly be added as I get to them.

Feed - GeekNights Supplemental

No Show Tonight

Wednesday August 22, 2007


Back from Connecticon 2007

Sunday July 15, 2007


Yet Again, No Show

Thursday May 31, 2007

It had to happen sometime, we

The Show Will Resume Monday Night

Thursday May 24, 2007

Rym is still too sick to properly do the show. We can pretty-much guarantee that he

No Show Tonight

Wednesday May 23, 2007

Rym has a pretty bad sore throat, so tonight's show is cancelled. Hopefully we'll be back up and running tomorrow night, but regardless we'll be on the air come Monday.

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