Connecticon 2010

Sunday July 4, 2010

This weekend, July 9-11, 2010 we will be attending Connecticon in Hartford, CT. Not only are we doing many panels, we are actually staff in charge of panels. It will definitely be an awesome time. Because of this convention, and the holiday on the previous weekend, there will not be many, if any, GeekNights shows this week.

There will also be many friends of GeekNights attending the convention including, but not limited to, Super Art Fight, Jared Sorensen of Action Castle, Luke Crane of Burning Wheel, Yuko and Ananth of Johnny Wander and AppleGeeks.

Here is the tentative schedule of the actual GeekNights panels.

  • Friday 10:00AM - 11:00AM - The Secret Guide to Running an Anime Club
  • Friday 5:30PM - 6:30PM - Anime Openers From Around The World
  • Friday 8:30PM - 10:00PM - Bite Sized Anime
  • Saturday 2:30PM - 4:00PM - Anime You Should See
  • Saturday 9:00PM - 9:30PM - Egregiously Unrealized Potential
  • Saturday 10:30PM - 11:30PM - Who is Hatsune Miku?
  • Sunday 3:00PM - 4:00PM - The "How to Run a Panel" Panel
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