Otakon '09 is Over

Monday July 20, 2009

Otakon '09 is sadly over, and we all must return to our mundane lives. Well, all except for Rym and some other people who had extra vacation days and went to the beach all week. That means there will be no new GeekNights episodes this week.

However, as is customary when Rym is out of town, I (Scott) plan to do some live video via Ustream when I get home from work most days this week. I will most likely use that live stream time to do some Scott's Box and discuss comic books, but also to demonstrate my incredibly mediocre robot model-building skills.

When the show is live, the link will be posted here as well as on Twitter @apreche and @geeknights. Also, I'm sure if you follow @schezar you may get a few tidbits of news from the beach.

EDIT: Here is the URL for my live streaming show this week. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/scott-scott-robot

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