Live in Australia - Full Schedule

Friday October 10, 2014

We are happy to announce that Rym will be in Australia for PAX Aus 2014 in Melbourne, VIC (October 31-November 2)! He will be presenting two lectures!

How to Win Every Game
Friday 11:00am
Fruitbat Theatre

It seems obvious that, when playing a game of skill, one attempts to win. Interestingly, this is often not the case, and even skilled gamers rarely analyze to any real depth the underlying mechanics and strategy of a given game. By deconstructing the games we play, you too can make them far less fun for yourself and beat the everliving hell out of your friends. We'll hit the theory pretty heavily, but also specific examples from games like "Stratego," "Settlers of Catan," and even "Football."

Saturday 2:00pm
Fruitbat Theatre

Winning is good, and losing is bad. We strive to win, and this is the basis for most of the games we play. Challenges are binary: we either overcome them, advancing the story, or fail, and must try again. But, what if we were to toss this conventional wisdom aside? Do we really only have fun when we win? Have you ever had that moment in a game where epic and total failure was the most memorable part? What kinds of games would arise if we strove to make losing, instead of winning, the point?

This is the final, updated schedule. Come say hi!

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