Last Week Tonight and the Daily Show

Tonight on GeekNights, with Emily replacing Scott, we talk about The Daily Show (which Rym has watched for a decade longer than Emily has) and Last Week Tonight. In the news, we talk about the ridiculous and tragic situation in Ferguson and what happens when you give small town police departments in racially tense regions paramilitary hardware and little oversight. Also, change.

Adventure Time in Continuance

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss the continuing seasons of Adventure Time! While we did previously review Adventure Time, it's definitely worth further discussion. As the seasons have gone by, it's become increasingly dark, pointed, and serious. We've brought the big guns with our good friend and Adventure Time expert Judith. In the news, Ghost in the Shell: Arise Borders one and two are screening in several cities, and the delightful Drops of God is ending in June. The GeekNights Forum is continuing to rock, and you should be there.

Profiles in Geek: Uncle Yo

Tonight on GeekNights, reviving our ancient Profiles in Geek format, we have Karl Custer, aka Uncle Yo (@UncleYo), to talk about himself, his geekery, puppets, and Dungeon Crawlers! He's up to some good stuff!

Shin Sekai Yori - Final Thoughts

Tonight on GeekNights, Rym and Emily give a full review, as well as some final thoughts, on Shin Sekai Yori - From the New World. It's a solid show with a complex story, good characters, and a surprising ending.

Wolf Children

Tonight on GeekNights, Emily replaces Scott to review Mamoru Hosoda's Wolf Children, which we just saw at the International Children's Film Festival. We also are performing FIVE lectures at Anime Boston 2013!

Conrad Kreyling

Tonight on GeekNights we are happy to have our good friend and Internet celebrity Conrad Kreyling (@konistehrad) as our guest! You may know him from our PAX Dev panel, or perhaps from Johnny Wander. He's an all around awesome dude who also happens to work at Muse Games (who you may know from the recent hit Guns of Icarus: Online).

We talk about how he became an awesome geek and exceptional coder (he's RIT alum: we've known him since he cosplayed as safety barrels cosplaying as Naruto). We hit on Guns of Icarus, MOBAs, video cards, fighting games, Wreck-It Ralph, Looper, James Bond, Tycho's Prostate Rap from PAX East 2011, and Chamisou Original.

Adam Becker - The Freelance Astrophysicist

Tonight on GeekNights, thanks to @konistehrad, we have Adam Becker, the Freelance Astrophysicist, as our guest. We talk a lot about science! Along the way, we hit on the differences between a Computational Cosmologist (which Adam is) and other disciplines, consider the true implications of general relativity at the macro scale, ask "where all the lumpy" came from, consider the perfect pencil, question the Standard Model, wonder about "astro" versus "quantum," and finally get into how one gets into a field like this.

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