GeekNights 20120620 - Some Anime Reviews

This is a live, behind the scenes view of the most recent episode GeekNights in production. See the final, actual episode to the left.

In this GeekNights, we present some initial thoughts on three lovely anime: Polar Bear's Cafe, Kids on the Slope, and Folktales from Japan.

GeekNights 06182012 - Laptops in 2012

Tonight on GeekNights (behind the scenes: see the real episode for the good audio), since we haven't addressed the topic in quite some time, we consider the state of laptops (as Rym moves toward upgrading his fairly old Lifebook). But first, we consider what "retina" really means in display technology and glucose-powered fuel cells.

GeekNights 20120614 - Hats

The real episode is up here:

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider hats. That, however, is mostly an afterthought as we GeekBite Prometheus, complain about GoPro's extra shoddy bicycle mount (three broke between us just recently), and the Department of Justice is finally going after the big cable companies over their monopolistic and anticompetitive practices.

This is a preroll/postroll live hangout of the show as we do it.

GeekNights 2012-06-04:Government Hackers (Experimental Stream)

This was a test of Google's hangout stream. It worked... OK. It's stupid about the audio input it took for my versus Scott, which I'll correct for the next one.

This isn't "good" per se, so I'd ignore it if I were you. The real episode will be up soon. Just a test: nothing more to see here. We leave it up solely for curiosity's sake.

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