Anime: Big O II and Space Symphony Maetel

Tonight on GeekNights, we present Big O II and Space Symphony Maetel, followed by a roundup of recent comics. We also hit on Seagate's aquisition of Maxtor and X11R7.0.

Anime News and Nothing

Tonight on GeekNights we shut up quick because today sucked all around. But there were a few bits of anime news.

GITS:SAC 2nd Gig et all

Tonight on GeekNights, we elaborate on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, Honneamise, Penny Arcade's published comic, and comicry in general. Also, illegal lyrics, the SK Microsoft anti-trust suit, and John Gabriel's famous theory.

Anime Companies

Tonight on GeekNights, we address anime companies, ADV, and the Evangelion movie, but not after a new video game law, NyQuil, and virtual vigilantes.


Tonight on GeekNights, we converse about AOL Bots, Darwinia, Nintendo content control, and nano video, followed by 'Gankutsuou' and 'The Place Promised in our Early Days.'

A Myriad of Topics

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss Jack Thompson, Pirates, LRAD, Blockbuster Video, and anime. Scott's out of town, so the anime bit is just me this time.

Mushishi, Death Note, and Rocketo

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about anime, manga, and comics: Mushishi, Death Note, and Rocketo respectively. In the news, Microsoft Live debuts, and there is turmoil in Ethiopia.

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