Rewatching Anime

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss why we rewatch anime. In the news, Disney buys Marvel and NYAF just happened.

Bokurano Review and Final Thoughts

Tonight on GeekNights we review Bokurano, and then give our final thoughts. Scott does a GeekByte about Annihilation: Classic, specifically Rocket Raccoon. Also, the New York Anime Festival is coming up very soon. The DragonBall MMORGP is coming. Oshii is working on a new movie. Naruto is #1 in Japan as well as the US.

GeekByte Medley

Tonight on GeekNights we have a medley of anime and comic geekbytes. In the news, there's going to be a new Galaxy Express 999 short, and the Haunting return of Todd McFarlane.

Otakon 2009

Tonight on GeekNights we give you the full report about Otakon 2009. In the news, Marvel acquires Marvel Man and Twilight ruined Hall H. Also, we will be dominating Connecticon this weekend, and here is the clip that got Daryl's panel canned.

How to Fix Anime Conventions

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss various ways to fix the problems with anime conventions. In the news, there's a lot of stuff going down at Otakon 2009. It's just a few weeks away!

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