Oh Shit, It's Wolverine!

Tonight on GeekNights, watch out for Wolverine. In the news Japanese game developers and animators make no money. Also, listener Chase Gordon is the awesome.

Summer Wars

Tonight on GeekNights we review the anime movie Summer Wars. We also geekbyte Unwritten Vol. 1 and discuss the Trigun news.

Medley of Anime Ending in "a"

Tonight on GeekNights we preview a bunch of anime that end in "a" including Cobra, Durarara!!, Kait? Reinya, and (Kenshiro save us) Chu-Bra!!. In the news we just do some geekbytes of other shows we have been watching recently.

Final Thoughts Master Keaton

Tonight on GeekNights we give you our final thoughts on Master Keaton. In the news, Anime Expo is full of drama and a friend of Tezuka is making good on a promise.

Giant Robo

Tonight on GeekNights we review Giant Robo the OAV. In the news, San-Diego Comic-Con 2010 is almost sold out of 4-day passes. Also, Scott complains about Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys, Vol. 5 .

Rewatching Anime

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss why we rewatch anime. In the news, Disney buys Marvel and NYAF just happened.

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