How to not suck at life

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider how to not suck in ackward, dangerous, or otherwise odd situations. In the news, IBM outsources high-level jobs to India and a Senate committee has put forward the Children and Media Research Advancement Act.

Bad Movies

Tonight, on GeekNights, we consider bad movies. Not bad like Hard Rock Zombies or SARS Wars, but bad like Garfield or Snakes on a Plane. As for the news, the US Senate does something smart, ABC does something interesting, and Kenya does something scary.

How to not suck at driving

Tonight on GeekNights, we explain how not to suck at driving, considering that we both commute by car every day. In the news, some people just can't undestand free software and DCHP troubles in Linux Land.


Tonight on GeekNights, we continue our coverage of geeky toys from our salad days with LEGO. For the news, it's Halo II Vista Exclusive and the Final Deadline for analog television.

Toys of our Youth

Tonight on GeekNights, we wax poetic about the toys we used to play with as proto-geeks. News bits include Otakon's Official Statement regarding the 2006 Artist's Alley policy and Bill Gates' statement regarding censoring the Internet.

Conventions part 3

Tonight on GeekNights Scott is all alone. But somehow, as if by magic, we put out part 3 of our continuing series on conventions.

Conventions part 2

Tonight on GeekNights, we continue our series on attending conventions with advice for what to do at the con itself. News includes Google vs. The Feds.

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