Will AI Destroy Us?

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider whether Artificial Intelligence (in the future tech magic sense) will destroy humanity or make everything awesome. Will AIs replace us, or will they treat us the way we treat ants? In the news, T-Mobile continues to play catch-up, but will have Uncarrier 8.0 tomorrow, HIV is evolving to be less infectious/deadly, and morons are angry at flickr for their own moronitude about what the Creative Commons license actually means.

Technology and Sports

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about technology in sports, the technology of sports, sports technology, and technical aspects of sport. Eventually, it will all be humans controlled by machines, or else just machines themselves anyway, but what will happen (and has happened) in the more recent term? In other news, Twitch.tv is the #4 consumer of bandwidth in the US (thanks to gamers streaming their games), and the NYPD is looking into using Google Glass.

Augmented Reality

Tonight on GeekNights, in light of the recent opening of applications for early access to Google Glass (nevermind forum discussions), we discuss the promise of Augmented Reality. But first, we discuss non-standard uses of naan (get it?), New York groceries, the rise and fall of SuperDaE, and a surprising "solution" to the problem of poor Youtube performance. Also, the GeekNights Gaming Grande Prix is still accepting applications!

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