Tonight on GeekNights, Rym saves a dead hard drive with one of the oldest tricks in the book, rumors are going around about an Apple watch interface (in light of the recent Pebble shipments forthcoming and talk of Corning Willow Glass), professors and educators seem to be very quick to reject technology in the classroom, and we answer whether or not you can erase yourself from the Internet.

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Tonight on GeekNights, we consider abstraction using the OSI model as a simple example. In the news, the Gawker hack sheds light on the little-discussed details of database security and VGA will disappear within a century.

Don't forget, the current GeekNights book club book is Michio Kaku's Hyperspace.

The Internets

Tonight on GeekNights, after touching on a lame geek "IQ" test (come on Infoworld, you can do better than that), we discuss the state of airline security (what with Opting Out still being an option) in light of the success story that is Israel. and Facebook's re-implementation of ICQ (or something like that). Then, it's off to the Internet, other internets, Internet2, intranets, and the World Wide Web.

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