Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the concept of handwriting. In the news, idiots are in trouble with the FAA, another unrelated idiot is in trouble with the FAA (weirdly echoing an episode of Bob's Burgers), and the Stanley Cup Playoffs are imminent.

A History of Buying Stuff Online

Tonight on GeekNights, we look back at decades of our online purchases, spanning back to the days before things could even be bought "online." It's surprisingly interesting to look at what I was buying on line in 1996 or 2004. In the news, professional sports players strike in support of racial justice.

Doing Laundry

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about doing laundry. Yes. That is what we talk about. In the news, Amazon's scam in LIC comes to an appropriate end. Maybe one of the richest entities on Earth doesn't need tax incentives to want offices in one of the greatest cities on Earth. So that said... Laundry! Don't start fires.

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