Tonight on GeekNights, we are joined by Epidiah Ravachol to talk about his fantastic Wolfspell. The tabletop roleplaying game of adventurers who turn to wolf flesh to fulfill a knotted quest. First appearing in issue two of Worlds Without Master, Wolfspell has been reborn now in print as the liner notes of a trifold album cover and illustrated in glorious proggy/metal fashion by Shel Kahn!

We also talk about calculators. It's great. Be a wolf.

Josephine Fu

Tonight on GeekNights, we have Josephine Fu, Game Producer at Date Nighto, here to talk about their latest project - Hustle Cat - and what it's like to work for a small game studio. We also return to our old "Profiles in Geek" shtick with a deep interview on her anime preferences, hobbies, and all that fun stuff. Hustle Cat is on Kickstarter, and has just ONE WEEK left to go!

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Conrad Kreyling and Date Nighto

Conrad Kreyling, founder of Date Nighto who once saw a ghost, joins us to talk about the mad odyssey of founding a game studio, making visual novels, and life in general. Starfighter, Hustle Cat, and now more newly announced titles! SDGQ 2015 is over, with an epic Chrono Trigger finale. Battle for Wesnoth (which we've discussed on GeekNights before) desperately needs developers. Scoville is pretty good.

Join us at PAX Prime 2015, where Jo (also from Date Nighto), three other smart people, and us are going to talk about games!

Conrad Kreyling

Tonight on GeekNights we are happy to have our good friend and Internet celebrity Conrad Kreyling (@konistehrad) as our guest! You may know him from our PAX Dev panel, or perhaps from Johnny Wander. He's an all around awesome dude who also happens to work at Muse Games (who you may know from the recent hit Guns of Icarus: Online).

We talk about how he became an awesome geek and exceptional coder (he's RIT alum: we've known him since he cosplayed as safety barrels cosplaying as Naruto). We hit on Guns of Icarus, MOBAs, video cards, fighting games, Wreck-It Ralph, Looper, James Bond, Tycho's Prostate Rap from PAX East 2011, and Chamisou Original.

Adam Becker - The Freelance Astrophysicist

Tonight on GeekNights, thanks to @konistehrad, we have Adam Becker, the Freelance Astrophysicist, as our guest. We talk a lot about science! Along the way, we hit on the differences between a Computational Cosmologist (which Adam is) and other disciplines, consider the true implications of general relativity at the macro scale, ask "where all the lumpy" came from, consider the perfect pencil, question the Standard Model, wonder about "astro" versus "quantum," and finally get into how one gets into a field like this.

Luke Crane on the Mouse Guard RPG

Tonight on GeekNights, we have as our guest Luke Crane, designer of the wonderful Mouse Guard tabletop role playing game. We discuss what Mouse Guard is, where it came from, and what makes it unique. We actually had Luke on the show a while ago to talk more generally about role playing games, so check that out while you're here!

Jared Sorensen

Tonight on GeekNights, straight out of Burning Apocalypse Con, we have Jared Sorensen in the studio to talk about, among other things, Z-Ward, Danish roleplaying, Lacuna 2, conventions, Action Castle, and movies.

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