Link Rot

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about the problem of link rot. But first, we talk at length about MySQL in light of the nerd rage at its closed extensions (Apple no longer includes it by default). Also, scarily, is STILL DOWN despite being hacked almost a month ago.

DNS Today

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the ramifications of expanded top-level domains on DNS, as well as the current state of it. In the news, lulzsec exists (in one form or another), Libre Office exists, someone thought 250lbs of paper was a better option than a USB stick, and someone else scanned it all back in anyway.

Also, checkout Game Hack Day if you're in New York!

Egypt vs. The Internet

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the largely successful attempt of the Egyptian government to cut off the Internet. In the news, complaints about alleged increased spam on Google are largely unfounded, and the Golden Gate Bridge is going all-digital in its toll collection.

The Technology of Wikileaks

Tonight, after talking a bit about the perils of "Enterprise" software, nevermind Microsoft flopping a bit on Kinect and Windows phone "hacking" and yet another problem presented by the United States' aging infrastructure, we consider the technological concerns of Wikileaks in the wake of the recent diplomatic wire reveal.

We also announce the next GeekNights Book Club selection of Michio Kaku's Hyperspace.

The Internets

Tonight on GeekNights, after touching on a lame geek "IQ" test (come on Infoworld, you can do better than that), we discuss the state of airline security (what with Opting Out still being an option) in light of the success story that is Israel. and Facebook's re-implementation of ICQ (or something like that). Then, it's off to the Internet, other internets, Internet2, intranets, and the World Wide Web.

Network Neutrality

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss our favorite topic: network neutrality. In the news, AOL, Nullsoft, and VLC are in the news, people complain about Twitter for the wrong reasons, and e-readers are getting surprisingly cheaper.

Google Buzz and Privacy

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss privacy on social networks, mostly as a result of the uproar over Google Buzz. In the news, Windows Mobile 7 is on its way.

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