Fake Geeks

Tonight on a very special GeekNights, we tackle the (rightfully) contentious issue of "fake geek girls" and the wider discussion of "fake" geeks/nerds/fans. Why is this even a thing? Why not "fake football dudes?" What do these labels really mean? Is it simply latent sexism (yes), or are there other factors also at play? (also yes). We try to take this on with a more subtle opinion than most people on both "sides" of the issue have taken in this great wide Internet, and you may be surprised with our thoughts. Suffice it to say, however, the people who actually, with genuine intent, use the term in any of its permutations, are bad people who probably also think "Ladder Theory" is a valid, well, anything.

BUT FIRST, an awesome subway conductor, Google Hangout adds manual bandwidth controls, conspiracy nuts think calling them conspiracy nuts is, predictably, a conspiracy, we consider "Rym's theory of fasted hadouken," and Penny Arcade appears to have a crossover character with Oglaf.

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