Adventure Games

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about the faded, then revitalized "genre" of point-and-click (or "type in a command") adventure games! From King's Quest to Quest for Glory, Space Quest to Full Throttle, Grim Fandango to Police Quest, nevermind Maniac Mansion or Day of the Tentacle, we recall what these games were to us as kids, and what they are to us now, all of this in light of a recent little game called Kentucky Route Zero.

Also, Scott's Hexbright Kickstarter flashlight finally arrived (with disastrous consequences), Rym's office has a meme infection, Dungeon Village is perfect if you like dungeons and need something cute to poke, and augmented reality may well bring trouble to tabletop board games.

We've uploaded the third and final video of our recent MAGFest appearances - Video Game Ethics - and we're ready to rock two PAX East lectures.

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