How to Not Suck at Taking Your Turn

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss the finer points of taking one's turn in another installment of our long running series: How to Not Suck. It turns out there are ten simple things one must do to take one's turn in a timely fashion.

  1. Ask rules questions immediately
  2. Pay attention to the game
  3. Consider moves when it's not your turn
  4. Recognize when a decision is arbitrary
  5. Recognize when a decision is effectively arbitrary due to your own lack of processing ability
  6. Develop directional heuristics
  7. If in doubt, maximize the simplest available positional heuristic
  8. Use pattern recognition to develop heuristics
  9. Learn mechanical skills (e.g., shuffling cards)
  10. Develop a gaming lexicon
In the news, Street Fighter X Mega Man is real, and the Wii-U has ridiculous time-based restrictions in Europe. Also, we'll be presenting at MAGFest, and ConnectiCon panel submissions are coming soon!

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