Cards Against Humanity and Real Money Auction Houses

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Cards Against Humanity (a worthy successor to Apples to Apples, and then consider the ramifications of the Real Money Auction House (RMAH) and related systems on the gaming world at large. Diablo III, after all, is just the beginning of this. We also note that Pokemon Conquest is pretty fun so far, and don't forget ConnectiCon 2012 is fast approaching!

Show Notes

00:00 Intro

- Pokemon Conquest
 - Initial thoughts
 - Fight Kingdom has wonky AI to Rym
  - Eevee block the path to the flag, he will be remembered
 - Vine Whips is a great move in the game
 - AI is dumb, but still enjoyable
  -Populated APCs are used as decoys for S rank missions
 - Facing matters, Scott was not aware of this
  -Optimize facing early for later game kick ass

-Cards against Humanity
 - Not quite dirty apples to apples
  - It is better then apples to apples due to Rule changes
    - Rules does not allow set up removal of the shit cards
   - "Black Humor is best humor"
     - Multiple card plays allows the funniest answers
	- Allows deck refresh more quickly
     - Ghost Hand optional rule
	- Dishonest player could collect on it
	 - Multiple meathods discuss to prevent this from happening
    - Lose a victory point to refesh entire hand
      - Stregiety maneuver
 - NeoGaf Thread about low setting PC Games
  - Antidotes about how games change artistically and different feel
- Monitor discussion
 - Vertical Sync is not needed all the time
   - Rather have tearing then frames dropping
- How hotdogs are made
 - The key to awesome job is to be the tech who makes the awesome machienes even more awesome
  - Kobaichi and Joey Chesnut were mentioned 

- Meta moment
 - 1Q84 is the bookclub, recording the book club soon
  - Greek Literature/Plays tossed around as potential club ideas
    - 2006 show shoutout "A funny thing happen on the way to the forum"
   - Lysteria is awesome
   - Antigone also cool
 -Website is upgraded
  - Mission: More video content if current content has been spread around
 - Wiki show notes
  - Go to github and follow directions
  - Scott willing to teach things
   - Writers might use this in case too much cock has been inserted
 - Connecticon 2012
  - Big ups for Panels
  - Website not as suck
 - NYC Recess canceled
  - Board game night on Saturday at a Coffee place
 - Pax Prime is coming, panels to be presented

27:12 Main Topic
-Diablo 3
 - Have not played, not for them now but understand why people get into it
  - High Standards for games but can acknowledge its place in gaming
  - Diablo Gold can be used in an auction house and sell goods for diablo gold
   -gold can be converted to real $
  - Legality isn't mentioned becuase EULAs in court has not been tested
    - Use real money to buy a good, the next day it gets nerfed, is the purchase deemed invalid?
     - If grinding an item using time is not wrong, but is wrong with money changes hands
       - Money binds a deal into a contract once terms of the contract change, reprocution can be made
         - Even with this argument, people knew this could happen since software gets updated 
      - Accounts are getting hacked like crazy becuase real money can be made.
        - Direct insentive for it, but there has been vulenbilitries and weak password hashing
      - Hey trust the company and not a chinesse hacker
   - Why is it here?
     - Jamming a fincial model in a game that does not warrent it
      - Simple solution, stop trades with people, problem will be solved
       - Hardcore gamers will complain but will keep playing, simply not use the feature since it is not in hardcore mode
        - Playing a pay to win is dumb becuase why not would you pay to guarentee a win
         - TF2 has you purchase more options to win the game or add flair to character not to win a match
          - Second life has this issues with this but since it was never tested in court it is still up in the air
   - Blizzard is both the producer and the middle man in all of these transations
 - This has been an old question that was never solved and it is coming back
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