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If you really love GeekNights, there are numerous ways you can subscribe to all of our content. You are strongly encouraged to make use of all of the resources below to make sure you don't miss a single episode, news posting, or thing of the day.


By far, the most popular way to subscribe to GeekNights is through iTunes. Use the following link to have every episode of the show added to iTunes for easy syncing with your iPod or iPhone.

Podcast RSS Feeds

If you use different podcasting software, or if you only want to subscribe to one of the four nights of GeekNights, then you'll need regular old RSS feeds, which we happily provide. We also provide a legacy feed that includes old episodes at random.


The official GeekNights Twitter account automatically alerts you to news updates, new episodes, and new things of the day. It also tweets out links to old episodes and things of the day you may have missed, and can also keep you appraised of anything that may happen during our convention trips.


GeekNights is on Patreon. Every episode is hosted there, as well as via the RSS feeds above and our own site, for free! But if you donate any amount of money, you get access to a wide variety of bonus content, including:
  • Rym's Rants
  • Rymily Review (Rym and Emily reviewing movies/shows)
  • Monthly GeekNights Q&A

Things of the Day

Some people aren't interested in the podcast, but like our links. Others just want the convenience of the things of the day in their RSS readers. We live to serve. Here is a feed for all new things of the day. There is also one that contains randomly selected old things of the day you may have missed.

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