About Rym

Rym was born a child of the 80s in Detroit, MI, into a family of gamers. Spending his early childhood playing his Atari 2600 (and, eventually, 7800) and listening to his uncle's PC gaming exploits, he was subscribed to Nintendo Power from issue one and could break 10,000 in Kaboom! before he could read. Role playing games soon followed, and from there, there was no turning back. He remained primarily a console gamer until the dawn of the competitive FPS age, whereupon PC gaming dominated his play for many of the years to follow. At RIT, he discovered Eurogaming with Settlers of Catan, and has remained a dedicated board gamer to this day.

When he was nine, at his parents' insistence, he saw his first anime: Vampire Hunter D. Robot Carnival, Project A-ko, Venus Wars, and a half-dozen others followed on, and from that day forth Rym was an anime fan. At university, he joined the RIT Anime Club, where he was among the founding members of the Front Row Crew, and shortly thereafter joined the executive board, serving three terms and finishing in 2005 as President. He now enjoys a wide anime convention circuit, performing shows and lectures in the Eastern United States each year.

In fifth grade, he convinced his parents to buy for him a humble 486SX2 and, not long after, to install a second phone line for Prodigy. He was one of the first subscribers to the now-defunct WoW!, and had the good fortune to have had access to broadband very early in its gradual US rollout. Tinkering through the years, he allowed himself to be swayed by the pre-bust talk of enormous salaries and little work in the IT field, eventually accepting a full scholarship to the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Outside of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night GeekNights topics, Rym is an avid runner, skier, mountain biker, hiker, freeclimber, and general athlete. He dabbles in piano, trumpet, and harmonica (having seriously considered a career in the second of these in the stead of Information Technology). He is a committed fan of literature both new and old, favoring Dumas and Bakker, Hemmingway and Simmons. He also can't sing worth a damn, spends way too much time on Fark, is monumentally absent-minded, and makes faces at children when their parents aren't watching.

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