Radio Free Equestria ep05 - Dragons

Coming to you live from the Everfree Forest, it's Radio Free Equestria!

Join Rym and Scott, the hosts of GeekNights (, bringing you the news and commentary our dear Princess Celestia doesn't want you to see! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but power reigns supreme.

The ponies don't know nearly as much about Dragons as they probably should. Spike had a childhood marred by the influence of magic. Where do Dragons really fit into this world, and what, pray tell, is their deal?

The fullness of the GeekNights/FRC Forum love of the Ponies can be seen easily at

Thanks to TSPNonpareil for the very perfect representation of Crackle. (

The How to Run a Panel Panel: Anime Boston 2012

Due to a scheduling conflict, we were forced to choose between presenting at either Anime Boston or PAX on Friday in 2012. But fie on that! Shortly before the double-convention weekend, we recorded the Anime Boston presentation and sent the con a DVD! And people showed up to see it!

We did make it to AB Saturday for two more events that were actually live at least!

Here, we discuss in somewhat random order the ins and outs of running panels and workshops at conventions like PAX or Anime Boston, after realizing that we old men have over a decade's experience doing just that.

We threw this together in a hurry, so expect some rough edges (some purposeful for comedic effect, some not-so-purposeful)!

Canadian National Anthem: PAX East 2012

In the reveal of the PAX East 2012 Omegathon finale - Crokinole - the Canadian National Anthem was performed by Paul, Storm, and Joco.

Tycho Reads "I Want My Hat Back" at PAX East 2012

At PAX East 2012, Scott from GeekNights ( asked Tycho to read us a story about a bear and his quest to find his missing hat. It was, shall we say, a moment.

"I Want My Hat Back" by Jon Klassen

Spotting Counterfeit PAX Badges

PAX East 2012 fast approaches. As the convention is sold out of three-day badges, you can bet there will be dicks out there selling fakes. Luckily: there is a sure-fire way to detect the most common type of forged badge that doesn't even require you to analyze minute details or even verify the newly added hologram.

Try to split the badge in two with your bare hands.

You will not be able to do this to a real badge.

There are some people legitimately selling their badges, and you can legitimately buy said badges from them, but don't be fooled and buy a fake! PAX will kick you out when they catch you, and you're giving your hard-earned space dollars to a bad guy.

Also, non-attendee badges (guest speaker, VIP, etc...) aren't even transferable in the first place. Do you really think a bona fide VIP of the con is selling their own badge on the up and up? Hint: they're not.

We at GeekNights love PAX: it's literally our favorite binary constellation of conventions in the yearly convention circuit. We present every year both East and Prime. Help us help PAX help you not get ripped off!

Not pumped enough already for PAX? Bide your time with some highlights from previous paces (paxes, paxis, whatever).

PAX East 2011:

PAX Prime 2011:

We're also presenting two events at PAX East 2012. Come by and say hi!

GeekNights Boardgame Workshop Tabletop Worskhop Theatre Friday 6:00pm - 8:00pm Dive into tabletop gaming! Rym and Scott (GeekNights) are here to teach you to play (and more importantly, to win). Agricola is a super popular resource management game with little wooden animals and surprising strategic depth. Carcassonne is a classic tile-laying area control game that teaches the fundamentals of optimal play and point denial. We're here to teach you both -- first the rules, then the strategy -- in a hands-on workshop with no experience necessary.

Let's Play Money Making Games Cat Theatre Saturday 4:30pm - 5:30pm Games can make their money many ways, but how do these models affect, intentionally or not, the design choices of the game makers themselves? What about the players? Do you play a game differently depending on how you paid for it? Free to play, pay once, subscription, or silly hats, what do these different models mean to games at their core? Only ten rupees; hopefully you won't have to pay the door repair charge.

PAX East 2011 Highlights

PAX East 2011 was the second PAX East in history, and the first in the BCEC, Boston's cavernous venue. If you don't know what to expect from a Penny Arcade Expo, let alone a PAX East, this highlights montage will tell all. It's quite a thing to see. PAX is like no other convention we attend, either as simply fans or as guest speakers.

GeekNights was there with FIVE panels/lectures:

MMORPGs are Anything But

The Game Makes the Community

The Ballad of Dudebro

Game Mechanics and Mechanism Design

How to Win at Games

All video was taken/edited by the GeekNights staff. (

The song is a Wesley Hopper OverClocked ReMix ( Enigmatic Lunacy (

MAGFest X Highlights

As you know, GeekNights ( was in force at MAGFest X with two panels, a lecture, copious amounts of alcohol, and four days of 24/7 gaming! We present for your consideration some highlights.

Our coverage of MAGFest X:

Beyond Dungeons & Dragons:

Money Making Games:

All footage taken by us with two very important exceptions! Special thanks to PAX Community DVD! (

Nobou Colossus Roaring:

One Ups Concert footage:

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