How to Run an Anime Club

How to Run an Anime Club
Anime Boston 2016

Presented at many conventions since 2002, from Otakon to Anime Boston, GeekNights finally videoed their advice on how to run an anime club. Some things have changed over the years (you don't need LaserDisc player or VHS library anymore), but most things haven't (dealing with "that guy"). Here is the brutal, honest truth on what it takes to run an anime club.

Judge Anime By Its Cover

Judge Anime by its Cover
Anime Boston 2013

You wouldn't judge a book by its cover, but anime is a whole different ball game. What if we reviewed anime SOLELY by their covers? Would these reviews be accurate? If so, why? Anime, moreso than other works in other media, seem "truer" to their marketing material, and it is our hypothesis that one truly can "review" anime to a great degree soley by their covers.

Overheard at Anime Boston

Overheard at Anime Boston

This was overheard in the audience while we were preparing to present Judge Anime by its Cover at Anime Boston 2013. It turns out there is at least one person out there who's tastes are dictated by how obscure something is.

The How to Run a Panel Panel: Anime Boston 2012

Due to a scheduling conflict, we were forced to choose between presenting at either Anime Boston or PAX on Friday in 2012. But fie on that! Shortly before the double-convention weekend, we recorded the Anime Boston presentation and sent the con a DVD! And people showed up to see it!

We did make it to AB Saturday for two more events that were actually live at least!

Here, we discuss in somewhat random order the ins and outs of running panels and workshops at conventions like PAX or Anime Boston, after realizing that we old men have over a decade's experience doing just that.

We threw this together in a hurry, so expect some rough edges (some purposeful for comedic effect, some not-so-purposeful)!

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