Rym and Scott in Motion

Rym and Scott (GeekNights) lecture pretty often. They are known for, among other things, moving around on the stage. To illustrate their patterns, presented for your consideration is their "Beyond Dungeons & Dragons" lecture from PAX AUS 2013, condensed to one minute.

We Chose Optus (Poorly)

In the preshow for Beyond Dungeons & Dragons at PAX Aus, the audience was quick to inform us that our decision to go with Optus for our data plans was... poor.

Threats in Games

Threats in Games

What is a threat in the context of a game? Can they affect the outcome? A snippet from our larger Practical Game Theory at PAX East 2013, we briefly explore some aspects of threatmaking in games, and what it truly means to make a "credible" threat.

Overheard at Anime Boston

Overheard at Anime Boston

This was overheard in the audience while we were preparing to present Judge Anime by its Cover at Anime Boston 2013. It turns out there is at least one person out there who's tastes are dictated by how obscure something is.

PAX Prime 2012

PAX Prime 2012 Highlights

We're back from PAX Prime 2012! I don't always make video montages of conventions I've attended, but when I do, I use OC Remixes and PAX!

PAX East 2012 Highlights

PAX East 2012 was the third PAX East in history. We were there lecturing, hanging out, and most importantly: gaming! PAX East (and PAX Prime) are the highlights of our year every year. They're like no other cons! Be sure to check out the PAX East 2011 highlights too!

The song is a Chuck Dodgers OverClocked Remix (http://www.ocremix.org/) LaserDance (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00132/)

Canadian National Anthem: PAX East 2012

In the reveal of the PAX East 2012 Omegathon finale - Crokinole - the Canadian National Anthem was performed by Paul, Storm, and Joco.

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