FRC 2013 Gaming Grand Prix

Monday January 28, 2013

I am happy to announce the first ever, and perhaps annual, FRC Gaming Grand Prix Championship Series. The format is as follows.

Each Grand Prix will last one week. Players will have precisely 7 days to play the required games. All games will be such that there will be a clear ranking from first to last. Points will be awarded using the Formula 1 Grand Prix scoring system. Failure to play the game in the allotted week will result in a score of 0 for that round. There is no elimination other than mathematical elimination. Since a score of 0 is always possible, mathematical elimination should come very late in the competition. At the end of all the weeks, whoever has the most points will be the FRC gaming champion. Perhaps we will find a prize of some sort.

I, Scott, will personally not be eligible because I will be the judge and tournament administrator. I will, however, exhibit my skills in each round for the sake of pride, demonstration, etc. I will also be the dictator of all the tournament rules, and selector of all the games. I will gladly take suggestions, but I will otherwise be a jerk and have the final say on everything for the sake of simplicity. I will only select games that are available in all regions of the globe, and also do not require significant financial resources to play. You can consider the text I post in this thread to be the official rule book.

Here is the forum thread where everything will happen:

Round 1 will begin March 1, 2013 at the moment I post the instructions for that round in the forum thread. Registration begins immediately now. All forum members are eligible. If you are not a forum member, it is very easy to join. Post in the thread to register. Registrations will be permitted at any time before the end, but a late registrant will score straight zeros for any already completed rounds. All scores and standings will be in this Google Doc.

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