Podcast Reviewer Reviews GeekNights

Thursday February 9, 2006

The podcast reviewer podcast has reviewed GeekNights. He didn't say that much about us, but it was cool anyway. I take his quote about us being able to "hold our own in any conversation" as a pretty good complement. He did point out that a friend listening with him couldn't really handle our banter back and forth. I'm beginning to think that non-geeks can't stomach GeekNights, which tells me we're doing a good job.

Another thing he asked for was separate feeds for separate days. That way people who only cared about anime could subscribe to the Wednesday podcast, gamers could subscribe to the Tuesday podcast, etc. Due to the magic of WordPress this is already done. It's just not obvious to the vast majority of people. After I rework the theme of this site I'll be sure to make this easier for all of you out there. But for now, here are the separate feeds.

Keep in mind that all these feeds are raw straight from WordPress. They aren't cleaned up by FeedBurner or anything. This is something we will fix in the future. Subscribing to them now is still perfectly safe, and it will always work just fine. Just do not expect the correct metadata or images to appear in iTunes or other programs.

If you know any other places that review podcasts try to get them to review GeekNights. And if you yourself review us in any way be sure to let us know. We're always looking for feedback on ways to make our show better. Getting people to review us takes care of that and does a little promotion at the same time. We got it down when it comes to killing many birds with few stones.

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