The Local Gaming Group

Tonight on GeekNights there are wide ranging tangents of discussion which sometimes involve the optimus keyboard, StarForce, and some news about the local gaming group.

The Milton Bradley Gamemaster Series

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss the Milton Bradley Gamemaster Series: Shogun, Axis & Allies, Fortress America, Broadsides and Boarding Parties, and Conquest of the Empire. News includes the Hypocricy of the MPAA.

Weird Worlds, Civ II

Tonight on GeekNights, after covering Apple's announcements, we hit on three video games: Retro Atari Classics DS, Weird Worlds, and Civilization II.

Dungeons and Dragons

Tonight on GeekNights, we geek about Dungeons & Dragons with our dungeon master Alex. The news bits include Intel's rebranding and video game stores.

First Person Shooters

Tonight on GeekNights, we reminisce about the history of First Person Shooters. As for the news, its the RIAA's new legal troubles and Europe's civilian GPS.

Final Fantasy Advance IV

Tonight on GeekNights, we hit on Final Fantasy and the recent release of Final Fantasy IV for the GBA. As for news, we've got the NYC transit strike, the ID smackdown, and the 2005 Google Zeitgeist.

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