The Battle for Wesnoth

Tonight on GeekNights, we review a turn-based PC strategy game that you definitely should be playing: The Battle for Wesnoth. In the news, we have X-Box Elites and PSP Price Drops.

Amun Re

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Reiner Knizia's Amon Re. In the news, Katamari and Guitar Hero are possibly slated for the Wii, and there was actually some boardgaming news.

X-Com: UFO Defense and Star Control 2

Tonight on GeekNights, we have a blast from the past with reviews of two classic PC games: X-Com: UFO Defense (download) and Star Control 2 (download). In the news, Devil May Cry 4 becomes Sony May Cry, and boot discs are back.

Saving Your Game

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss game saves, passwords, and all that business. In the news, we're still lacking Internet access at home, so we just go off on a few tangents instead.

Super Mario World

Tonight on GeekNights we discuss the fourth console Super Mario Brothers game, Super Mario World. In the news, Coca-Cola could be redesigning their cans and Metal Gear Solid 3 will no longer be playable online.


Tonight on GeekNights, having somewhat recovered from Katsucon 13, we talk a bit about the videogaming at the con. Stay tuned tomorrow for our full con coverage! In the news, Nintendo doesn't outright deny the possibility of future Japanese game releases on the American Wii Virtual Console, and a Phoenix Wright contest exists.

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