Shaving and Emily

Tonight on GeekNights we've got three people since Emily is here! We got news about Nintendo Revolution test drives, the 100 dollar laptop, StarForce DRM and an Engadget contest with an interesting side-effect.

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We Were Freshmen

Tonight on GeekNights, we tell stories of our freshman year at RIT. Also, we cover Scientologist NeoPets, evil camera retailer #2, and "This Film is Not Yet Rated."


Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about GeekNights itself, but not after discussing a follow-up from yesterday, Bell South's silly plan, and a cheating cheater.


Tonight on GeekNights, we ramble about good Sony, evil Sony, an intelligent judge, and webcomics.

No More College Rant

Tonight on GeekNights, we rant about being out of college (RIT). And boy, I mean rant. In the news, we discuss SGI, Mike Brown, and Scooter Libby.

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