Tonight on GeekNights, we tell tooth-related stories. In the news, free can't compete with Free, and Microsoft fires a salvo at Apple in the music market. Also, catch our appearance on Anime World Order!

The Ask Rym and Scott Show

Tonight on GeekNights, we answer your questions on a variety of topics. In the news, a hardcore Mac user speaks out, and SCOTUS opposes the Bush Administration.

Ultra-Violent Movies

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss ultra-violent movies. In the news, Bill Gates is lessening his duties to Microsoft and Netscape digs Digg a little too much.

Scott's Thing - Rym's Thing -

Live Music and Concerts

Tonight on GeekNights, we ramble a bit about concerts in a very general sense. This is almost a "how to not suck" episode. In the news, old people may soon glut the roadways and Otakon has announced some musical guests.

The Freedom vs. Safety Rant

Tonight on GeekNights, we put the hate on overprotective parents. There's also a news about Sony's stock sucking.

Scott's Thing -

The Scott Show!

Tonight on GeekNights it's the Scott only show. Suffer through terrible audio quality, strange breathing noises, and inane monologue as we wait for Rym to return from Animazement. Despite being alone I manage to talk about WMP as well as covering listener feedback and all the meta-bits.

Worst Week: People in History

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss how Mother Theresa, Abraham Lincoln, Pope Urban II, and Henry H. Holmes, among others, have quite a bit in common. As for the short news, Seagate buys Maxtor, and the NSA does something evil more evily than they could have.

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