Portal 2

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the fantastic Portal 2. (Hint: there is no reason not to buy this game). We also consider Sony's egregiously inept IT, and Nintendo's egregiously unrealized potential as they move from the Wii to the double Wii with Project Cafe.

Super Meat Boy

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss Super Meat Boy in all its glory. But before that, we geekbite a bit on Cthulhu Saves the World, touch on the final rooting of the PS3 (and the revealed key), and a video of epic Quake mastery. Also recall that MAGFEST 9 approacheth, and we shall speaketh there.


Tonight on GeekNights, having recovered from soul-crushing sickness, we attempt to discuss Bomberman. In the news, Square Enix is making Mario Sports Mix, and we need to preserve old games via good emulation before it's too late.

Also, don't forget that we'll be presenting Losing Should Be Fun at MAGFest 2011, nevermind sitting on two additional panels as part of the MAG-9!


Tonight on GeekNights, Red Commander surrounds castle walls to stay alive with the classic Rampart! But first, an impassioned plea for a proper turn system in Civ V, excitement about the newest Golden Sun, and a discussion of whether people are truly abandoning portable consoles for iPhones.


Tonight, aside from the historicity of Davy Crockett, we consider the humble Pacman in lights of the most recent (and excellent) Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. In the news, it's Child's Play season, Bananagrams is the hot thing to play, and Farmciv is not likely to be good.

Renting Games

Tonight on GeekNights we consider the magical world of rented games. But before that, we have Blizzard suing cheaters, and Microsoft is futzing with the "indy" category for Xbox games.

Civilization V

Tonight on GeekNights we bring our review of Civilization V now that it's had its first major patch set. In the news, Scribblenauts 2 involves adjectives, and Rock Band 3's Pro Mode is looking slick.

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