Quake Live

Tonight on GeekNights we have an interview with Luke Crane about the new Mouse Guard RPG. Then we review the Quake Live beta.


Tonight on GeekNights we discuss Sim City, and all those other old Sim games. In the news the Pirate Bay is doing well in their court case, and someone in the European Parliament is incredibly stupid.

Fallout 3

Tonight on GeekNights we review Fallout 3. In the news, UNIQLO is going to have some cool videogame t-shirts, and we have details about Fallout 3 downloadable expansions.

Left 4 Dead

Tonight on GeekNights we review Left 4 Dead. In the news, some guy is stupid about politics and video games, and the creater of the MUD dislikes torture in WoW. Also, remember that the next Thursday episode will be a book club episode about A Wizard of Earthsea. And Scott wants more geeky cornucopias like this one.


Tonight on GeekNights we discuss Introversion's latest release, Multiwinia. In the news, Rym is liking Punch Out for the Wii, and the MUD is 30 years old.

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